Medical Level Home-use Laser Beauty Device, Using Patented 1064nm Laser, Makes Face Look Youthful

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Solve All Signs of Facial Ageing

wrinkles, texture, tone, skin elasticity and more

Powerful and Professional

DermRays Revive can deliver powerful laser energy up to 10 J/cm².

This is the world's first application of 1064nm laser pulses to home-use beauty devices*, and the parameters are close to those of medical equipments.

*Cynosure previously applied a 1064nm laser to large-scale medical beauty equipments.

What Does DermRays Revive Do?

Skin Rejuvenation

Stimulates collagen regeneration and restores skin elasticity

1064nm laser can penetrate the dermis, stimulate collagen regeneration, restore skin elasticity, and lift the face.

Improve the Skin Texture

Accelerate pigment metabolism and improve pigmentation

The 1064nm laser has been verified by researches that it can effectively accelerate the pigmentation metabolism in the epidermis and dermis. The principle is that melanin can induce apoptosis after absorbing 1064nm laser, thus pigmentation can be metabolized;

Improve skin pigmentation, marks, and roughness caused by acne.

Smooth Skin

Conceal pores, smooth skin, promote skin regeneration

The powerful 1064nm laser can cover the entire epidermis and dermis. While promoting collagen regeneration, it can also accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and promote the production of newborn young cells, which will make facial skin delicate, shiny and youthful.

How It Works?

Powerful energy directly reaches the dermis, melanin and water absorb energy to promote skin cell regeneration.

Skin sensor

Detect whether the treatment window is touching the skin.

Window indicator light

Display the working status of the product: Standby/Ready state is blue, working state is red.

Treatment window

The applied part of the product outputs laser for treatment.

Much Safer

Strict safety technology is applied to meet the latest global safety standards for home-use beauty devices.
“You can see my pigmentation has faded after 6 weeks of use. I’m so happy. I hope my skin tone will be lighter. I’m really looking forward to it. I will share again after a while.”

Elinor R.

“Surprisingly my ugly spots are gone. DermRays Revive works so well and is worth purchasing.”

Cheyenne B.

“I’m very happy to use DermRays Revive. My nasolabial folds are greatly reduced, dark spots are lightened, and skin is smooth.”

Stephanie P.