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“This is the easiest laser I have ever used. I used a flash before, and that one was much more sensitive for my skin. This laser is virtually painless and very easy to use. I will definitely use it going forward.”

Los Angeles, CA

"Switched to dermRays recently, and it's been fantastic for both me and my husband. It's gentle enough for my skin and powerful enough for his coarser hair. We're both seeing great results, and it's so easy to use. Our Sunday self-care routine just got an upgrade!"

Denver, CO
It does work!!

“I am a skeptic, always try new things, and they never seem to really work. But this actually works! Within one week, I noticed a lot of thinning of the hair. And as I continue to use it regularly, there is less and less hair. I barely have to shave anymore. Just do my upkeep.”

Brooklyn. NY
Worth trying

“Changed my life. I am used to getting razor bumps so painful I have to stay home from work. This has truly been a game changer. I cannot recommend this enough. It’s definitely an investment but it’s sooooo worth the money.”

Chicago, IL
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"I’m seeing results with this product. I worried it would irritate my sensitive skin, but it has not. It will take consistent use over time to see full results, but I can tell it is making a difference, and I am thrilled about that."

Miami, FL
Life changer!

"I wish I found this product sooner! It has been a real game changer for me. I use it more often than the manual suggests, because I'm afraid the effect will not be obvious. In fact, if your skin does not feel obvious discomfort, the higher the gear, the better."

Seattle, WA


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Average 82% hair reduction in 8 weeks
Average 82% hair reduction in 8 weeks
Katie Sobeman
Certified Dermatologist

"l was impressed by how speedy and effortless it was to use DermRays, and the results became evident so rapidly that I honestly couldn't believe it!"


Hear What Our Customers Say

How can I trust that DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device is safe?

We're excited to share with you that DermRays Laser Hair Removal Devices are FDA cleared, ensuring a high standard of safety and efficacy. They are also CE and UKCA certified.
The handheld home-use laser hair removal market has been around for over ten years, and countless consumers have used and verified the safety and effectiveness of these laser devices.
Independent trials conducted by SGS laboratories demonstrate an average 82% and up to 97% hair reduction in 8 weeks, underscoring the device's reliability and performance.
For more information about safety and certifications, please check: CERTIFICATIONS

What if I am not satisfied with your device after using it?

We have professional product experts and comprehensive after-sales services. If you are interested in DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device, we warmly invite you to try it with full confidence.
Rest assured, you can enjoy a full refund return policy within 90 days from the date of purchase. We will provide a return label, so you won't have to pay any extra shipping fees. Additionally, if the device experiences any non-human damage within one year, we will offer warranty services.
For more information about safety and certifications, please check: Return & Refund Policy

How many flashes does it offer?

DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device provides an impressive 30 million flashes before reaching the end of its lifespan, surpassing other devices in the market. It typically last approximately 5 years, depending on usage frequency.
In addition, it boasts the precision and depth unique to laser hair removal, coupled with high pulse energy, ensuring you can confidently bid farewell to unwanted hair for the long term or even permanently.

What is the energy output?

For Device V4S and V6S, the energy density reaches up to 7 J/cm² when operating at maximum level, with an output window area of 10x30mm², resulting in a total energy per pulse of 21J.
As for Device V8S, unlike the former two devices, it offers the highest energy output, with an energy density of up to 9 J/cm² and the same output window area of 10x30mm², resulting in a total energy per pulse of 27J.
For more information about device details, please check: CERTIFICATIONS

How do you prove that your product utilizes diode laser technology?

DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device harnesses the power of semiconductor diodes to generate laser beams, a technology commonly employed in medical and cosmetic fields such as laser hair removal and laser aesthetics.
Our devices have undergone rigorous international certification and testing. Please verify the FDA, UKCA, and CE information here: CERTIFICATION, where product descriptions include terms like "diode" and "laser."

How does laser achieve permanent hair removal?

During laser hair removal, the light transforms into heat, penetrating your hair follicle to reach the hair bulb. It disrupts blood vessels and the hair growth environment, where the laser exerts its effects. Laser is most effective during the anagen phase of hair growth, explaining the gradual process of permanent hair removal.

What are the differences among V4S, V6S and V8S?

Both Device V4S and V8S cater to light to medium skin tones (tones 1-5), while the V8S stands out with enhanced power, delivering fast and longer-lasting results. If you're looking for quicker and more efficient hair removal, we highly recommend the V8S. If your skin is more sensitive, we recommend the V4S.
The Device V6S is suitable for a wider range of skin tones (tones 1-6), making it the ideal choice for deep skin tones. If you are of African or Middle Eastern descent, we recommend purchasing the V6S.
For more details on how to choose the right device for you, please click: HOW TO CHOOSE

What is the difference between 810nm Laser and 1064nm Laser?

The main difference between 810nm and 1064nm laser hair removal lies in their wavelength and target area.
810nm Laser Hair Removal: This wavelength is highly absorbed by melanin, the pigment in hair follicles. It is most effective for lighter skin tones and lighter hair colors. The 810nm wavelength targets the hair follicle directly, heating it and effectively disabling hair growth.
1064nm Laser Hair Removal: This wavelength has a longer penetration depth and is less absorbed by melanin. It is suitable for all skin types, including darker skin tones, and can effectively treat deeper hair follicles. The 1064nm wavelength primarily targets the blood supply to the hair follicle, making it a versatile option for a wide range of skin and hair types.
In summary, while 810nm laser hair removal is more targeted towards lighter skin tones and lighter hair colors, 1064nm laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types and can penetrate deeper into the skin to treat a broader range of hair follicles.

What are the differences between Laser and IPL?

Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal effect, utilizing a focused laser beam with a single wavelength. This focused beam can penetrate deep into the hair follicles, where it is specifically absorbed by melanin to generate heat, causing damage to the follicles and preventing hair growth.
IPL Hair Removal: Similarly based on photothermal effect, IPL hair removal uses broad-spectrum light with multiple wavelengths. Unlike laser, IPL light is not focused but can be absorbed by melanin on the skin surface and in the hair follicles, causing thermal damage and preventing hair growth.
Key Differences:
A) Light Source:
Laser: Single-wavelength focused beam.
IPL: Broad-spectrum light with multiple wavelengths, unfocused.
B) Pain During Use:
Laser: Mainly absorbed by melanin, resulting in less pain.
IPL: Broad-spectrum light absorbed by multiple tissues, causing a stronger burning sensation.
C) Treatment Effect and Duration:
Laser: Typically requires fewer treatments with relatively evident and long-lasting results.
IPL: Generally requires more treatments with shorter-lasting effects, despite similar energy intensity to laser.
For more details on the differences between Laser and IPL, please click: LASER OR IPL

What are the differences between diode laser, YAG laser, and alexandrite laser?

Each type of laser has unique characteristics that make it suitable for specific hair removal scenarios:
Diode lasers are often preferred for their precision and effectiveness. They are commonly used in professional settings and at-home devices for targeting hair follicles with minimal discomfort. Diode lasers are known for their relatively fast treatment times and are suitable for various body areas.
YAG lasers are commonly used in medical settings and are ideal for treating larger body areas.
Alexandrite lasers are commonly used in professional settings, especially for smaller body areas like the face, underarms, and bikini line.

What are the differences between the common wavelengths used in laser hair removal: 810nm, 808nm, and 755nm?

The differences between these wavelengths primarily lie in their absorption properties, effectiveness, and target areas:
810nm Laser: The 810nm wavelength is highly absorbed by melanin, the pigment in hair follicles. This makes it effective for targeting hair follicles, particularly in lighter skin tones. 810nm lasers are known for their precision and efficacy in hair removal, especially on finer hair.
808nm Laser: Similar to the 810nm wavelength, the 808nm wavelength is also highly absorbed by melanin.
755nm Laser: The 755nm is highly effective for hair removal on lighter skin tones and can also target finer hair. 755nm lasers are known for their speed and efficiency in reducing hair growth.
In summary, while all three wavelengths target melanin in the hair follicle. The choice of wavelength depends on factors such as skin type, hair color, and treatment goals.

What areas does DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device treat?

You can use DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device on almost the entire body, including the face(upper lip, chin, peach fuzz, etc), arms, underarms, hands, chest, back, stomach, legs, feet, and genital area(pubic, bikini, etc).
*When using it in the genital area, please make sure the treatment area is clean and dry. Be sure to do a patch test on the treatment area before use, and observe for redness, swelling, pain, itching, blisters, pigmentation changes, or fading after 2 hours. If any discomfort or adverse reactions occur, please stop immediately and consult a doctor. Be sure to clean and disinfect the treatment area with 75% alcohol.
*Avoid the eye area when using it on the face.
*You should not use laser on pigmented skin(birthmarks, moles, or tattoos), as the laser concentrates more energy on the pigment, leading to potential skin burns or damage.

How do I use DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device?

Step 1: Cleanse, shave and towel-dry for the most effective treatment.
Step 2: Plug in and hold power button for 2 seconds to start. White light flashes with a beep, indicating "Standby" mode.
Step 3: Select a proper treatment level by pressing the power button once. Level 1 is recommended for first time using.
Step 4: Double-click the power button to unlock. The indicator light turns green, signaling that the device is now in "Ready" mode and can be used immediately.
Step 5: Press the treatment window against your skin and move the device slowly, following each flash of the laser. Yellow light blinks; no button clicks needed during treatment.
Step 6: After completing your treatment, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to switch off the device.
*Safety Mechanism: The device enters "Standby" mode if not in contact with skin for 10 seconds. To resume treatment, double-click the power button to unlock the device again.

How quickly can I see the results?

SGS tested, DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device achieves an average 82% and up to 97% hair reduction in 8 weeks. Typically, you'll notice less, finer, and softer hair after 4 weeks when following the recommended usage frequency.
Recommended usage frequency:
- 3 times per week for the first 2 weeks
- Twice a week for the following 2-3 weeks
- Once a month thereafter
*Additionally, you may adjust the frequency of use based on your skin's tolerance to achieve optimal results.
*Please be patient, as individual responses may vary.

How often should I use DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device?

3 times per week for the first 2 weeks;
Twice a week for the following 2-3 weeks;
Once a month thereafter;
*Additionally, you may adjust the frequency of use based on your skin's tolerance to achieve optimal results.
*Please be patient, as individual responses may vary.

Is it dangerous without protective glasses?

Absolutely not. DermRays Laser Hair Removal Device is safe to use without laser goggles. It utilizes an single-wavelength laser. Unlike IPL, the consistent light of the single-wavelength laser can be vertically irradiated into the skin. The minimal refraction and diffusion of light by the skin are insufficient to cause any harm to the eyes.
Moreover, the device only flashes when in the treatment window is fully in contact with your skin.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

For most individuals, the procedure is virtually painless.
Laser hair removal operates by distributing heat across a metal plate beneath the treatment window, ensuring a controlled temperature.
Our Ice Cooling Technology enhances comfort during the procedure, alleviating any potential discomfort associated with heat sensitivity.
Through experimental testing, the device's Skin Contact Temperature remains below 66℉ with 30 minutes of operation, ensuring a comfortable experience during the hair removal process.

How do I know if my skin tone is compatible with the laser?

Both the V4S and V8S are great for light to medium skin tones (tones 1-5), with the V8S offering enhanced power for faster and more long-lasting results.
For those with a wider range of skin tones, including tones 1-6, our V6S is the ideal choice. If you have a dark brown skin tone, we recommend going with the V6S.
*Included in the box, each device comes with a User Manual containing a skin and hair color chart. Additionally, you can find it on our website. Compare and confirm whether your skin tone aligns with the specified color range.
*For safety, the skin tone sensor triggers an alarm if it detects an incompatible skin tone after the device's initial activation. Rest assured, your skin remains unharmed when following the correct instructions.

Should I use gel before treatment?

No, it is not necessary to apply any gel before using our device. Once your treatment is complete, continue with your normal routine.

Do I need to shave clean before treatment?

Yes. Before each treatment, it is recommended to shave clean instead of plucking or waxing. Shaving removes hair from the skin surface without affecting the hair root. Leaving hair stubble may result in the laser burning the hair, making it less effective and potentially causing skin trauma. Shaving ensures the laser can better target the hair root with optimal power.

Can I use it on sensitive area?

Yes. When using in sensitive areas, we advise taking particular care for your safety:
- Start with the lowest setting;
- Patch test before a full application;
- Avoid overlapping in one session;
- Most importantly, if you experience any discomfort during use, please stop immediately and consult a professional.

Depilación láser DermRays V8S, hasta 27J, 810 nm
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Depilación láser DermRays V4S, hasta 21 J, 810 nm
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Precio de oferta$499.00 Precio normal$599.00
Depilación láser DermRays V6S, hasta 21J, 1064nm
Tones 1-6
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