7 Advantages of Choosing Laser Hair Removal for Women

7 Advantages of Choosing Laser Hair Removal for Women

Benefits of choosing laser hair removal over traditional methods

Majority of us really care about how we look and present ourselves in front of others! There's hardly a moment when you don't want to check yourself out in the mirror. It's because when you look good, you feel good! According to PureWow report, about body hair removal, 81% of respondents said they like how their skin looks after getting rid of body hair, and 83% enjoy how it feels. For majority of us, removing body hair is a great way to look and feel good.

But as for us, we have always used traditional methods like waxing and shaving for hair removal, but recently laser hair removal technology has gained increased amount of surge and become highly popular as a most viable option for men as well as women in the market to get rid of body hair.

Laser hair removal technique has been proven an effective method for removing unwanted hair. It works by using a light beam technology (laser) to target the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, making heat that damages the follicle and stops hair from growing back. If done repeatedly, you can see less hair in that area for a long time. These days people prefer laser hair removal method because it makes their skin smoother, and they don't have to shave or wax as much.

Other than that, there are several reasons why you should consider laser hair removal. It's simpler, takes less time, is cost-effective in the long run, and is very safe. If you're not convinced yet, let's explore these advantages in a bit more detail to understand why you must opt for laser hair technology compared to traditional methods:

7 Advantages of Choosing Laser Hair Removal for Women

1. It is a time saving method

In the current post-pandemic era, life is returning to normal, with people heading back to offices, meeting friends, and managing daily routines like dropping kids off at school. In the midst of this daily grind, finding time to visit a salon for waxing or doing home shaving can be challenging.

However, opting for laser hair removal offers a longer-lasting solution, eliminating the need for frequent salon appointments every 15 days.

If you're thinking that laser treatments require appointments at a clinic or salon with professionals, technology has advanced to the point where you can find laser hair removal devices in the market. These devices are easily available for purchase on platforms like Amazon or their official websites. Buy one, have it delivered to your home, and make the most of it at your convenience.

2. Will give you long lasting result

You can't overlook the fact that laser hair removal is not only long-lasting but also reduces hair growth in the long term. You might wonder why it has such a lasting effect and if hair growth will never occur again. This happens due to the powerful use of technology wavelengths, approximately 700 μm, directing laser light precisely to each melanin-containing hair follicle.

Research has demonstrated that various lasers, such as the ruby laser (694 nm), alexandrite laser (755 nm), Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm), and the intense pulsed light source (590– 1200 nm), are highly effective in achieving long-lasting results for hair removal. The duration of being hair-free varies after a course of 6–8 treatments but typically ranges from 3 to 6 months.

3. It is done with precision and safety of your skin

The method and technology of laser hair removal received FDA clearance in 1996 and have demonstrated an excellent safety and efficacy profile. Complications are close to zero or very rare when performed carefully using the correct device and considering the skin type.

In contrast, traditional methods like waxing or shaving can pose various complications if not done properly or by an expert. This includes skin burns, cuts, or rashes, especially if the skin is sensitive. On the other hand, laser hair removal is entirely safe with no risk of skin burns or other side effects. Only the laser light comes in contact with your skin and hair follicles during the process.

4. You experience zero pain with a smooth skin

With laser hair removal, you will not experience any pain during the process, and it efficiently gets the job done without causing any issues to your skin. Reflecting on waxing or shaving, you might recall the discomfort, especially in areas with dense hair growth, sometimes there are also chances of burning your skin while waxing.

Similarly, shaving, when not done properly, can lead to cuts on skin and uneven hard regrowth. Moreover, frequent shaving may darken the skin and result in rough patches. In contrast, the laser hair removal technique eliminates these concerns, ensuring that you won't encounter such issues. Your skin remains smooth, and you enjoy hair-free experience without the discomfort associated with traditional methods. You can embrace the pain-free and effective nature of laser hair removal for a consistently glowing and radiant skin.

5. You see a reduced growth in your ingrown hairs

Regular hair removal methods can cause a common issue – ingrown hairs. These happen when shaved hairs grow back into the skin, causing pain and bumps, especially for those with coarse or curly hair. This can make people feel insecure about having smooth skin.

On the other hand, laser hair removal is a great solution. It effectively removes hair and prevents ingrown hairs. During the process, it makes the hair finer, reducing the chance of ingrown hairs. So, if you struggle with ingrown hairs, laser hair removal can help you get rid of them and enjoy smoother skin without the usual problems.

6. It is highly cost effective method in the longer term

Speaking of cost-effectiveness, let's calculate the annual expenses for waxing at a reputable salon. A single session of full-body waxing typically costs around $250 - $300. Even if you consider waxing specific areas like hands, legs, and underarms, with an estimated cost of $120-$130 per session, visiting the salon monthly adds up to an annual expenditure of over $1500 - $2000.

On the flip side, investing in a laser hair removal device proves to be a significant saving, providing more effective and lasting results in the long run. If you check online or on platforms like Amazon, these laser hair removal devices usually range from $400 to $700 and they are equipped with high-quality lasers ranging from 810nm diode to 1064nm diode, to ensure the most effective hair removal process.

7. You gain increased amount of confidence and convenience

Once again, let's delve into the significance of looking good and feeling confident. It's a universal truth that our outward appearance affects our inner confidence. With the laser hair removal method, we can conveniently bid farewell to unwanted hair, enhancing our self-assurance without the ongoing concern of regular hair removal. This hassle-free method not only saves time but also eliminates the stress associated with maintaining a hair-free appearance.

Imagine having a special occasion where you want to wear your favorite dress, but you can't because you haven't waxed – that's a complete mood spoiler. Having a laser hair removal device at home allows you to easily remove body hair at your convenience, ensuring remarkable results. Moreover, the long-lasting effects of laser hair removal contribute to a consistent sense of confidence, allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter.

Dermrays V4S, V6S, and V8S laser hair removal devices

In summary, laser hair removal technology proves to be a transformative addition to your skincare routine, rendering traditional methods like waxing or shaving no longer needed. If you're someone who deeply cares about your appearance, makes regular salon visits for waxing or hair removal, the laser hair removal device becomes the ideal solution. Once you've experienced its benefits, you'll find it hard to revert to the hassles of frequent waxing or shaving.

The beauty of laser hair removal lies in its at-home convenience, offering skincare benefits beyond your expectations. By investing in a laser hair removal device today, you can witness a remarkable difference in your skin within just two months. Embrace the simplicity, revel in the confidence it brings, and enjoy the freedom from routine grooming. Make the choice to enhance your skincare routine with laser hair removal and experience a newfound appreciation for your radiant, hassle-free skin.

You must check out our range of products, including Dermrays V4S, V6S, and V8S laser hair removal devices. With over 12 decades of excellence in laser beauty solutions, we take pride in offering salon-grade hair removal in the comfort of your home. Our devices represent a transformation of laser technology from large-scale professional machines into convenient, handheld devices for personal use.

Each of our devices features the industry-recognized 810nm diode laser, ensuring effective and reliable hair removal. Additionally, one of our devices introduces an innovative 1064nm diode laser, specifically designed for all skin tones and types, setting a Gold Standard in the industry. Explore the Dermrays difference and embrace the convenience of achieving professional-grade results in the comfort of your own space.

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